Multi-active Serum With Tensing Effect

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Moisturizing, soothing for tired and devitalized skins.

With Cone Flower,Licorice, butcher's broom extracts.

Format: 30ml – 1 fl.oz.


Intensive anti-ageing treatment which provides to lifeless and tired skin an instant tensor-lifting effect. After just a few applications your skin will look tonified with subtle lines and most visible wrinkles reduced. The skin will gradually restore its elastic function, the complexion will become more uniform and the aging will look off your face making you feel young again.

HOW TO USE: Apply once or twice a week a few drops of serum to cleansed face and neck, by massaging into the skin until fully absorbed. It prepares the skin for further treatments.

CONTAINS: Butcher’s broom, Licorice, Cone flower, Mallow Sylvestris extracts, Vit. A and E, Vit. D, D-Panthenol.

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